In order to avoid any ambiguity or controversies in the governance of its functions and operations, MKCL has stipulated the following eight Values which will persistently serve as inspiration and will be reflected in each of its activities:

Passion: Develop surfeit passion in all its assignments

Innovation: Reflect innovation in all its operations, functions, endeavors, and offers

Excellence: Strive for excellence in all its activities and tasks

Trust: Accrue abundant trust from stakeholders

Confidence: Generate a high level of confidence in whatever it undertakes

Integrity: Practice uprightness in thought, speech, and action

Transparency: Reveal excessive clarity in all its dealings, and activities

Team Work: Cultivate strong bonds with all stakeholders

our values

In many countries, organic agriculture has affected most areas of agriculture and food production, often starting in niche markets such as ‘direct to customer’ or on-farm processing. It has been adapted to local conditions, both social and agronomic, to produce viable sustainable farming strategies. This has resulted in a multitude of sustainable and profitable organic enterprises emerging around the world (Stokstad 2002, Thompson 2002) showing that organic agriculture can have a central role in ensuring that agriculture becomes fully sustainable.

Organic agriculture is just a small part of the agri-business world, which itself is just a small part of the wider global socioeconomic system and its dominant cultural values. Stepping back from looking at the organic movement’s success, it is apparent that despite the enormous growth since the 1990s, organic agriculture still only makes up a tiny proportion of all commercial agricultural production (Norse and Tschirley 2003).

We decrees to liberate the nation’s deprived agri-sector and transform it into a highly lucrative and competitive agri-industry through rigorous application of contemporary knowledge, prevailing technology, and avant-garde skills.

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