1. Services

  • Consultancy (Administrative/Technical/Marketing Guidance and Support)
  • Trainings/Workshops/Seminars/Upgrading Sessions (for new/existing candidates)
  • Vending/Retailing (Agri-Hand Tools/Machinery, Accessories, Appliances, etc.)
  • Field Test/Lab Tests, Field Surveys/Exploration/Investigation, Mapping, etc.
  • Specific Services (Specific and/or Tailor Made Guidance/Support)
2. Sales

  • Packaging and Resale of Products procedure from Organic Producers
  • Packaging, Branding, and Sales of Organic Items produced by self
  • Processing, Sales & Resales of Processed Items/Products
  • Sales & Resales of Seeds, Saplings, Bio-Pesticides, Vermicompost, Manure, etc.
  • Sales/Resales of other Items/Products

We decrees to liberate the nation’s deprived agri-sector and transform it into a highly lucrative and competitive agri-industry through rigorous application of contemporary knowledge, prevailing technology, and avant-garde skills.

Basundhara (1.48 mi) Kathmandu, Nepal

+977 01 4350097


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