Our vision is to replacing Agriculture into competitive, reputable and commercialized occupation and youth’s preference sector. Which Transfigure into a harbinger of an assertive nation-wide campaign “Muktinath’s Sustainable Organic Agriculture Movement” to foster a remarkable culture characterized by extensive production, marketing, consumption, and competitiveness of Nepal’s Organic Agri-Outputs.

Our Present Mission : To foster sustainability prosperity among farmers

Our Proposed Missions: Earnestly crusade for elevated national prosperity by accomplishing higher affluence of rural farmers, and elevated level of adolescence engagement in agri-industry. Relentlessly advocate the philosophy and practices of Organic Agriculture and adamantly pursue for their embrace by all
Incorporate the doctrines of “Biodiversity and Agricultural Sustainability” as its guiding ideologies, and candidly endeavor to accomplish them.

We decrees to liberate the nation’s deprived agri-sector and transform it into a highly lucrative and competitive agri-industry through rigorous application of contemporary knowledge, prevailing technology, and avant-garde skills.

Basundhara (1.48 mi) Kathmandu, Nepal

+977 01 4350097


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