Mr. Bharat Raj Dhakal


The origins of Muktinath Krishi Company Limited (MKCL) find its root in Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited (MNBBL). The MNBBL was established on 3rd January 2007 with a principle “Janata Bank ma hoina, Bank Janata ma Janupardachha” or “People do not come to Bank, Bank should go to them” with a motto of providing three types of banking services viz. Modern Banking, Limited Banking and Micro Credit. Leaving behind the long held traditional beliefs that financial institution are operated in urban areas only, with the rich having more access to it, MNBBL has been catering banking services of every kind since its inception ,to every class of people, through every possible means. The Bank has a special wing for Micro-Credit finance which is a model for micro banking activities throughout the development banks in Nepal.

Through its micro banking activities the institution has been catering services to more than 150,000 members and their households with access to finance, financial literacy, business literacy, insurance etc. The majority of members mostly reside in rural areas with agricultural being their major occupation. The Bank had been promoting its members for commercialization of agriculture. While providing the mentioned services to the members, the major cry being the lack of market, good inputs and latest technology for farming.

As a Bank it had limitation in terms of providing market access, supplying good inputs and technology to the members. To overcome the barriers faced and solution to the problems of the members the Bank had played a major role in establishing Muktinath Krishi Compnay Limited. With an Authorized Capital of NRs. 1 billion and a Paid Up Capital of NRs. 400 million, MKCL, promoted by a group of adroit intellectuals, accomplished businessmen, and adept banking professionals, is a distinctive undertaking possessing the merits of both commercial and philanthropic enterprises, possessing the potential to attain astounding triumphs in all its proposed undertakings.


We decrees to liberate the nation’s deprived agri-sector and transform it into a highly lucrative and competitive agri-industry through rigorous application of contemporary knowledge, prevailing technology, and avant-garde skills.

Basundhara, Ring Road, Kathmandu (44600), Nepal

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